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At Bankee, we believe that schools play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our youth. Through our innovative real-life simulations and classroom economy model, your school can be at the forefront of engaging students and making learning enjoyable.

Witness remarkable improvements in students' behaviours as they gain vital financial literacy skills and develop a strong foundation for their financial future!

What is Bankee?

Bankee is an innovative financial literacy program targeting elementary students in public and private schools in Kuwait.      

Bankee makes learning fun and engaging, empowering students to thrive in the financial world. It serves as a classroom management tool, using the classroom economy model to teach practical skills, values, and responsible behaviours.
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What does Bankee offer schools?

A Comprehensive Program Content
An Online Platform and Technical Support
Teacher Training and Development
The Program Currency (Bankoz)
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Bankee Skills

Bankee tackles a range of essential financial skills and concepts

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Managing Money

Bankee Strategic Partners


“Many schools express challenges with classroom behavior management. The reality is, usually there are not enough resources or specialists available to improve the existing issues. The Bankee program’s mission is to teach our youth about financial literacy, responsibility, and improve classroom behavior management. The program's behavioral implications were designed by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst using evidence based Applied Behavior Analytic Principles to ensure its effectiveness. Our priority is to ensure that the program creates a safe environment in the classrooms and promotes fair opportunities for the students. The program instills the students with core values, provides realistic “real life” rewards and consequences, and most importantly gives the student the control and accountability of their own behaviors and learning. This pioneering project will not only enhance the youth's financial awareness, but also elevate the teacher-learner experience.”

Fajer Almenaie, MSc, BCBA, ACAS ABA Manager at FSHN

Bankee Strategic Partners

Bankee Strategic Partners


I am thrilled to share my experience with the Bankee programme, which has been an absolute game changer for my classroom regarding behavior of students. As some students struggled with following instructions, I was constantly on a lookout for a good solution that could help in classroom management. Bankee helped a lot in achieving my set goals."
Arifa Bambora
Universal American School
It's fun to be in control of your money. I want to use it because it helps us prioritize our spending and make decisions wisely; it teaches us that nothing comes easy. You have to earn it, and because it’s your money, it's more precious to you, and you think before you spend it. I bought a book about Financial Literacy because of Bankee.”
Bankee Student, 11
Bankee has made a positive change in Elementary. Our students have been very competitive and very eager to earn bonuses so they can spend their Bankoz, at the Bankee store or on Bankee privileges. The Bankee program has truly flourished in our school and importantly taught our students valuable life skills in financial management."
Mr. Amar
German American School
Teaching first graders is challenging as they have not yet adapted to the new environment, school guidelines and rules, this programme served as a booster to the pupils good behaviour. Children often asked about their points and worked hard to achieve a higher record. The overall outcome was very rewarding for both students and teachers"
Bankee Teacher
Khalaf Al Dehayyan Elementary School
It is truly an amazing program that teaches students financial literacy and responsibility, which is essential as it prepares them for real life. It also helps teachers/principals manage student behavior inside / outside the classroom setting."
Bankee Teacher
Al Ghanim Bilingual School
It is a big motivator for kids, and they are really excited. It is also a way to give students responsibilities. They understand that every action they do has importance and is valuable. The student is also a contributing member of the class and can help in the class. They understand that every action they do has a purpose behind it and a goal.”
Bankee Teacher
I was very excited about the Bankee Program right from the start because it looked so interesting for students and provides an additional classroom management tool for teachers. Students rapidly became very excited about being able to "earn a salary" to be able to purchase items. And many also worked diligently at "extra jobs" to get bonuses. Students loved coming to the store and learning important financial terminology.”
Bankee Principal